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Latest - There are 59 new images with this update from the last week of Emmerdale including: Alicya Eyo, Charley Webb, Emma Atkins, Fiona Wade, Natalie J Robb, Roxy Shahidi & Sammy Winward.

An ok week for the Emmerdale babes this time.

Highlight of the week this time is probably Fiona Wade. She has the most new images at 21 and was looking particularly sexy in a cute dress at one point.

On the Charity saga. Was this week her comeuppance? Is this the big Autumn storyline where Charity finally gets what's coming to her? Nothing has really happened to her that didn't happen last week. She gets kidnapped and nearly killed but she is still free to go about her daily business in the end. There is still the unanswered police inquiry about the Home Farm fire. However, if this is supposed to be her getting her just desserts then I'm not sure. Is it enough? Dramatic for her, thinking she is going to die, but does it balance out the things she has done? Perhaps I just thought her abortion, and then pretending it was a miscarriage, was a bigger deal than it actually was. It seemed really wicked but does it mean she deserves to die? I'm even doubting myself now. I'm so confused.

I almost felt sorry for Charity this week at one point. When she was bound in that shipping container in the dark and a rat was climbing all over her. She so gently shooed it away that it was really sweet. Darn it! You can't make me like you now. Things have gone too far.

The latest images are on 2 pages.

Info: My Home and Away site is still broken.

Further Info: Damn it!!! The same malady that is affecting my Home and Away has now infected my Eastenders site. Knowing how my host is refusing to accept responsibility for this, this could be serious. They are refusing to try and even fix it now, saying they have tried all they can as Frontpage is no longer supported by Microsoft. This is bad!!!!!!!!

I have decided to try a drastic action as I can't cope with a few weeks of another site being down. I am going to try uploading my Eastenders site to the remote server via FTP instead. This will not be a quick action as the local and remote sites won't recognise each other so I will have to effectively upload the whole site in order to upload the changes. As the site is about 5 or 6 gigabytes in size and has perhaps 300 to 400,000 files. You can understand that it will probably take half a day at least.

What will happen then I don't know. If the site will still function ok or not. The hyperlinks and all that. But I can't have a second site not working.

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