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Welcome to Emmerdale Videos and Video Clips: Featuring clips of the cast including a few sexy babes including
Charley Webb, Jenna Coleman, Hayley Tamaddon, Roxanne Pallett and Sammy Winward and lots more




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This is the video section where I will post video clips. I will not be hosting them on my own webspace as they will consume too much bandwidth. So I will hyperlink to the file hosted by Rapid Share.

To obtain the DivX codec see HERE.

Charley Webb and Jenna Coleman who shows a bit of boob - DivX 8.20 MB's 52 Secs


Hayley Tamaddon on Stars In Their Eyes - DivX 40.7 MB's 4 Mins 15 Secs

The Woolpack's 70's night featuring Adele Silva, Deena Payne, Hayley Tamaddon, Kerry Stacey and Verity Rushworth in 70's outfit's - DivX 35.4 MB's 3 Mins 42 Secs


Jenna Coleman & Charley Webb on Holly & Stephen's Saturday Showdown - DivX 21.7 MB's 2 Mins 15 Secs

Jenna Coleman in a tight red top - DivX 13.7 MB's 1 Min 25 Secs

Roxanne Pallett in a sexy pink nightie - DivX 8.29 MB's 54 Secs


Sammy Winward & Roxanne Pallett on a photoshoot at the farm promoting the vet's practice - DivX 18.7 MB's 1 Min 57 Secs

Roxanne Pallett bending over when she notices Andy watching her and latterly prancing about doing the dusting - DivX 26.3 MB's 2 Mins 44 Secs


Roxanne Pallett unclipping her bra and wearing a small pair of shorts - DivX 16.0 MB's 1 Min 39 Secs


Roxanne Pallett seducing Andy in the farmhouse - DivX 28.3 MB's 2 Mins 55 secs

Roxanne Pallett & Sammy Winward having a catfight in the mud - DivX 18.9 MB's 1 Min 59 Secs

Roxanne Pallett dressed in a sexy bunny girl outfit for a fancy dress party. Also includes Jenna Coleman & Charley Webb in their outfits - DivX 22.0 MB's 2 Mins 18 Secs

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